Task 11- Flutter integrating with other technologies.

Rupesh Jadhav
4 min readSep 8, 2021


Basic project with Flutter

Hey Connections, In this project me and my group created a API using flutter. So let’s begin…
API which take height and weight as an input and gives us the BMI

You can see in this above Pictures we created three sections in which we created a design and the other one which take input and the other which manipulate the input and give us the BMI.

Above is the whole code of flutter API in which we created. Main.dart is tge main file from which we can integrate all other files.
We created three main folders constants-which contains hexcolors that are responsible for the background coloes.
Screen-which is responsible for the layout of the screen all the designing is done in this widget.
Widgets- which is responsible for all the widgets which we have done in this project.

As you can see we entered height in this

This image shows us..that we entered weight in it and now it calculates and gives us our bmi

Like I’m this above image I am underweight but who cares. This is just a false input..just to show how it works.
I know this is a simple program..but I hope atleast you have learnt something.



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